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Would You Speak the Words You Type on the Web to Others?

My heart breaks over and over as I continue to read how fellow Christians are treating each other – especially during a political season. Yes, we should be involved in politics! And if we don’t discuss the important things this country needs to fix then we only have ourselves to blame. The mentality to be quieted is wrong. But also WRONG is how many are treating each other – with hatred and intense anger.

Maybe you don’t think that image or quote you post online or speak out loud is filled with a hateful tone, but have you stopped to consider it might be? I’ve seen a lot of good and truthful ones, even partisan ones that are done tastefully. But I have seen MANY that are not any of those things but instead a slap in the face of people we might just sit next to at church or at work or at school or a family get together. How can we live in peace like this? Aren’t we all asking for world peace?

Our passion about something should be loud but with love.

I am honored to have people tell me that my points, debates, and discussions are fair and not hurtful.

BUT I am MORE pleased when God is pleased and I know He is pleased when I walk HIS walk and talk HIS talk. LOVE.

“Would I say what I say to others to God’s face?

Would I post that image and quote on His wall should He choose to have one?

Would I write that thought and debate that way on His blog?”

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves.

Have I personally been guilty of this in the past? YOU BET I HAVE. Am I ashamed for it and did I learn from it? YOU BET.

Fellow Christians, why the anger and hatred hurled towards each other? Why not discuss? If you put forth a view point, shouldn’t you at least be willing to discuss it – especially if you know WHY you believe in it?

We are called to LOVE.


We should be praying in love for everyone, EVEN those candidates we do not agree with, EVEN those fellow Believers we don’t agree with about issues.

Why do we wonder why the world says what they do about us when we perpetrate these things against each other?

Everyone I know could tell everyone else they know exactly why I choose politically the candidates I choose – I vote the sanctity of life. But it is with compassion that I share these things, not with anger. Do I get angry. YOU BET I DO. Like when someone outside my faith types (with great anonymity and distance) “you should have been aborted even though you are a product of rape, since we can’t know who will turn out to be a good person” or when someone inside my faith puts words in the mouth of Christ that He himself never said just to further their political gain. But it is how I voice it that keeps it within a loving boundary that it is heard the most. I know this because I practice it.

God is in control of this election. Maybe we have had and are getting the leaders because we need to wake up! God puts them there but we don’t know why… we can’t claim to know why and we have to trust that God is the only ONE who knows what we need. But it is imperative that we go to His Word to find out exactly what He thinks about a topic, not twist it to fit an agenda, stand on that truth regardless of the consequences, and pray for the leaders that are put into place in this world.

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. — 1 Timothy 2:1-2

This IS WHY the world speaks the way they do about us. Well at least one reason.Why are we representing the faith by furthering the ugliness?

Originally posted Nov, 2012.


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